Importance of Social Media for businesses

There are several ways of marketing for your company, but I will be talking solely about Social Media Marketing.

Is Social Media presence important for my company?

You have to decide it yourself, but in the lieu of current internet marketing strategies it plays an integral part. If don’t have a social media presence, you’re making a big mistake because most of the consumers are turning to social media platforms to interact with the company and businesses also maintain their pages with updated and necessary information for their customers. Some even convert a follower to a customer but it depends on how strategically you maintain the social media page.

The Benefits:

If we look at the benefits the list might be too long to read but here are few things that might help you make your mind:

1) Low Cost

The social media marketing cost is relatively lower than the paid search engine marketing and takes less time to get in focus than organic search engine results. It can even serve as Word-of-Mouth marketing which may end up in a potential customer.

2) Company Branding

Brand awareness can also be increased through social interaction, it helps your company portray a positive personality.

3) More audience reach

You get to show your product or service to an increased number of audience in the shortest possible time. For example, tweeting with a hashtag (#) about the launch of new #iPhone would attract the attention of millions.

4) Build customer’s trust

Nothing is more important for a company than a loyal customer. You can gain customer’s trust by directly engaging with him and if he has a problem, it can be sorted out in a more human-manner then pre-recorded phone operator instructions.


Its vital to have a social media presence no matter how big or small your company is, interaction on social media would help your company spread its services and increase customer base. It is better to have a planned Social Media Marketing Strategy for good results. If you think you’re too naïve to handle it then its better to hire a company that does it for you.

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